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Our Book Cover Designs


One thing that must never be under estimated in your journey to becoming a published author is the look of your book. Most often than not, potential readers will not even take the book from the shelf if the front cover does not look enticing and professionally designed.


This is why we have built a unique Book Cover Design Samples on our website. We have about 49 high-resolution images available for all our clients to use totally free. You can choose any one of these pictures or you can even upload your own picture or design. We are constantly adding more each month. However, should you have a specific requirement, such as a font that is not displayed, then simply email us and we will do our best to help.


Choose Your Book Cover Design

Please do take a look at the pictures available for you to use and remember using any of these is included in any of the price plan. Please, choose your book cover design, taking a note of the code number. Please supply full details for the book cover at the time of ordering.


Optional Service

For custom book cover design services, email us to use our professional book cover graphic design services.


If you are supplying artwork or graphic design for you own book cover, be aware that we only accept 300dpi TIFF files which must include 3mm bleed off (for example, if your book has a finished size of 130mm x 197mm, then the image for the front cover must be sized at 300dpi to be 136mm x 203mm. Front cover and back cover images must be saved as separate files, and we do not accept any files for the spine which will be set by our in-house studio.


Our Book Cover Design Format

The following are the format you will expect. (To illustrate this basic format, the larger picture for each of the thumbnails of the book cover graphic design shows a larger view of the book including the back cover and spine).


Front Cover format:

Book title, Author's name, Book Cover Illustration, Short Description (if specified)

Spine format:

Book title, Author's name


Back cover format:

Can contain a brief synopsis of the book and/or a biography of the author, usually written in third person. It can also contain quotations from the book, together with any reviews. The maximum number of words for this is 100. If supplied, a photograph of the author can be included as well as price, ISBN number (if one has been raised - please see our ISBN Number) and barcode.


Find the ideal book cover illustration for your book below or use our professional book cover graphic design services. And once you have gone through the simple steps of choosing your front and back cover design, please, supply full details for the book cover by quoting the code number at the time of ordering. Then, our professional designers will then duplicate it in high resolution ready for print.


Important Notice:

Due to the conversion process, the actual book cover templates may be slightly different than shown; i.e. font changes and general element shifting. This does not affect overall quality of layout.


Code No. TC1

Code No. TC3
Code No. TC5
Code No. TC7
Code No. TC9
Code No. TC11
Code No. TC13
Code No. TC15
Code No. TC17
Code No. TC19
Code No. TC21
Code No. TC23
Code No. TC25
Code No. TC27
Code No. TC29
Code No. TC31
Code No. TC33
Code No. TC35
Code No. TC37
Code No. TC39
Code No. TC41
Code No. TC43
Code No. TC46
Code No. TC48
Code No. TC50
Code No. TC51



Code No. TC2
Code No. TC4
Code No. TC6
Code No. TC8
Code No. TC10
Code No. TC12
Code No. TC14
Code No. TC16
Code No. TC18
Code No. TC20
Code No. TC22
Code No. TC24
Code No. TC26
Code No. TC28
Code No. TC30
Code No. TC32
Code No. TC34
Code No. TC36
Code No. TC38
Code No. TC40
Code No. TC42
Code No. TC44
Code No. TC45
Code No. TC47
Code No. TC49
Code No. TC52
Code No. TC53