Achievers Publishing Inc.


                                       Fulfilment/Distribution Service


Fulfilment is where we receive the trade orders, warehouse, ship and then invoice for the books on your behalf. We then pay you royalties on all these sales without you having to get involved in any of the work in this process. Our fulfilment service is available only to the author, who has setup a title with Achievers Publishing Inc, provided an ISBN number is assigned to the title.


Set-Up Fee

To join our Fulfilment/Distribution service, API will charge the author a set-up fee of $40 and an annual digital catalogue charge of $20.00. This digital catalogue charge will be billed on an annual basis for each title in order to remain on our fulfilment/distribution service.


Where Do API Fulfil To?

The US, and UK are our main destinations. We use Gardners Books and Bertams Books as our distributors (the two main distributors in the UK that the book trade order from). And for the US Distributor, Ingram Book Distributors and Baker & Taylor are our main distributors. Please note that trade orders coming from outside these distributors, direct to us, will not be considered as being part of the free fulfilment service, and so different terms will apply, to be agreed with the author.


Worldwide Trade Fulfilment to Other Countries

We will fulfil to other countries other than the US & UK but the customer or website may have to pay a premium for the extra shipping involved. However we will not charge you the author anything extra, and you will still receive the exact same royalties on each copy for all sales made. Some examples:

ØCanada: We will list you on To the best of our knowledge the customer does not pay a premium for ordering your book on there. Canadian Bookshops are able to order from Ingrams Distributors in the USA.

ØGermany: We will list you on The premium added to the customer for shipping is minimal.

ØFrance: We will list you on The premium added to the customer for shipping is minimal. Other European bookshops, as per the above, can order from our UK distributors.

ØJapan: We will list you on We think there will be a premium added on this site for the extra shipping. Japanese Bookshops are able to order from Ingrams Distributors who have a presence in Japan but there may be a premium added to the customer.


An added bonus is that bookshops or websites in the US, and UK who order through our distributors do not have to pay for shipping on their order so will be more inclined to order your book! However, we believe most countries can order direct from websites such as


How Does Fulfilment Work?

For the sake of simplicity, we based our calculations on the print charge of a standard print specifications book: We pay you (royalty) for each trade sale we make for you, the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) that you set, less the distribution discount that you set, less the print charge of the book. So we pay you royalty on each sale for doing nothing. This is 100% more than traditional publishers’ royalty! We do not deduct any sales commission from these royalties.


There is no financial outlay on your part and you do not need to pay for shipping to the bookstore or advance buy books to stock our warehouse for this service either.


For complete details on royalty, please click here


Digital Catalogue Fee

An annual Digital Catalogue Fee of $20.00 is due at initial set up and each year thereafter for each title set up for wholesale ordering on API Fulfilment/Distribution service.


The Digital Catalogue Fee provides

Ø  Standardized BISAC subject coding with up to three subject categories

Ø  Detailed title listings in all daily catalogues provided to US, UK and International distribution partners (subject to distribution rights information provided by the author).

Ø  Title summary (annotation),

Ø  And cover image preparation.

Ø  List title information and your book cover images on major websites such as, www., and Barnes & Noble.


BISAC subject coding is required for any title setup for the distribution model. Ongoing changes and updates in price and discount are also included.


Removing Title from Distribution

Authors may remove a title at anytime, but catalogue fees will still be due in full and not prorated. The only exception is when authors do not wish to keep their title ‘live’ with Achievers Publishing Inc in the following year. Then author must give APH a minimum of 30 days notice before the end of the current year or the digital catalogue charge will automatically be applied to their account.


API reserves the right to remove a title from distribution if the digital catalogue charge is not paid or to contra it against any author royalties pending.


API also reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove a title from its Fulfilment/Distribution service at any time they chose to. Although brief reasons will be given for their decision at the time, API is not obliged to have to justify their position to any author. When this happens, API will make a full refund to the author


Additional Information (Optional)

Whether authors are buying an ISBN number from API or they are using their own, after the first year, there will be a digital catalogue charge of $20.00 that will be billed on an annual basis for each title that is part of our fulfilment/distribution service.


This digital catalogue charge is OPTIONAL and is only applicable if authors wish to keep their title 'live' in our fulfilment/distribution service. This $20.00 charge covers the digital catalogue charges of keeping their book's status constantly fed to many distributors and websites such as Amazon.