Achievers Publishing Inc.


22 Reasons Why You Should Publish With Us


1.    We can publish and deliver to your door 10 copies of a very high quality version of your book (Perfect Bound Softback on any subject) within a 3 weeks period for only $663.40 (Canada & US Consumers) or as less as £331.70 (UK Consumers).


2.    You will get a lot more for a lot less than you will get from any other ethical self-publishing companies who routinely charge above $4000 to just set-up your title and you won’t even see a single copy, let alone get a free distribution service for that investment! Remember, we will send you 10 Copies for free.


3.    There is no commitment on your side to ever buy another copy from us ever again! However, if you do wish to buy further copies, they will cost you from as little as $2.99 (Canada-US Consumers) or £1.29 (UK Consumers).


4.    We were sick of seeing authors ripped off for huge amounts of money for shoddy and sometimes even non-existent copies of their work, and decided to offer high quality publishing at a fair price.


5.    You keep your copyright 100%, and you are free to withdraw your work anytime as you please.


6.    You do not have to be a computer wizard in order to use any of our services. All you need to do is email us; and one of our consultants will walk you through the publishing process step by step.


7.    We can do it all for you from start to finish so you do not have to worry if you are not technically minded. However, if you are technically minded, then you are also most welcome, as you can then avail of our publishing services at the lowest possible cost.


8.    We accept payment in both US Dollars and UK pounds sterling. But if you cannot pay by any of these means, please do email us


9.    We publish almost every genre and subject and our own main genres are Christian Books


10. Our authors, regardless of their location, will have their book available internationally as we print our books in the US and UK and distribute the books internationally.


11. Our authors are from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.


12. Our books are available to purchase internationally on, both for the UK, USA and other international orders.


13. We do not only sell books on the internet, Libraries buy in bulk direct from us. For instance, Canada/US bookstores and Libraries can order through our US distributors: Ingram Book and Baker & Taylor. Also, high street bookshops in the UK like Waterstones can order our UK printed books via our UK distributors: Gardners and Bertram


14. For retail trade, our Canada/US and UK printed books are normally printed and shipped from the US and UK respectively in just 24 hours from time of order.


15. We also distribute and sell ebooks


16. We will not only print your book but we will also list, sell and distribute your book for you internationally.


17. With very little initial capital outlay, we make it possible for an author to start to make money almost right away from their book and get their message out worldwide.


18. We utilize as well the latest Print-on-Demand digital technology, which means, we only print your book when an order comes in, so there will never be any surplus stock, thereby saving you money, time and energy.


19. When you self-publish with Achievers Publishing Inc, rather than 'upload your files' to a machine, you upload to a human being. This is to enable our professionals check the quality of the content, ensure that it is not illegal or obscene, and more importantly advise you if there are any basic formatting errors before processing your files.


20. Your book will be available on websites like Amazon etc usually within 3 weeks from the date of the final approval of your proof copy following the submission of your book to us.


21. Whether or not you buy an ISBN number from us, we will list your book cover and description on many of the major book websites including (Canada), (USA), (UK), (France), (Germany), (Japan).


22. We are a Christian-owned company - a people with strong integrity and we believe in fair-trading and ethical business practices. You can therefore be rest assured that your book is in safe hands because, we do what we say, in the time we say it, and at the price we advertise it.


Please Note:

The average publishing timescale of three weeks is from the time of your submission of your print-ready files and payment to us, to you getting your first printed copy in your hands and your book being listed on Amazon. Please note, if we need to make your files print-ready in any way, then the publishing process will take somewhat longer than this.


Using our self-publishing services means your acceptance of all our terms and conditions. So please ensure you read this before publishing with us.