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What is included in Our Title Setup Fees?

At Achievers Publishing Inc, we have worked very hard to offer our low-cost self-publishing service to you, the author, a comprehensive, high quality, yet affordable book publishing alternative to the all too often frustrating world of traditional and conventional publishing. As such, the following services are included in the title setup fees – so as to enable you to realise your dream of becoming a published author.

1. Full Text Typesetting Of Your Manuscript

Ø Text Layout/Typesetting/Formatting of your text file if a properly sized file is sent over to us in word or PDF format. And Professional typesetters will manually layout your book in high resolution, ready for print

2. A Beautiful Cover Design

Ø If you intend for us to design your book cover, then, you will choose your book cover design from our free sample and we will furnish your book with a Full colour glossy laminated front and rear cover. This service is free for us to create you a beautiful cover design with blurb and/or author photo. However, if you are using your own image or design, there will be an additional charges for this service

3. A PDF Proof Copy Of Your Book

Ø Once we have finished typesetting your book, we will convert a correctly sized word document (your text file) to a PDF format and e-mail you a proof of it for approval prior to going to print.

4. A Unique ISBN Number - International Standard Book Number

Ø Your book will be assigned its own ISBN number – this will enable your book to be sold via any bookstore or internet site.

Ø Free Barcode generation and input onto your book cover design

5. Free Author Copies - complimentary printed copies of your new book

Ø We will package your Free Author Copies (as indicated on our Fee Schedule Table – Title Setup Fees) and send them by dedicated courier. You should receive you books via dedicated courier approximately 10-15 days after we receive your feedback following the printed proof copy.

6. Placed on the National Published Archive (Legal Deposit)

According to the Library and Archives of Canada Act and the Legal Deposit of Publications Regulations, Canadian publishers are required to send, usually two, copies of their publications to Library and Archives Canada (LAC), at their expense, within a week of their public release date. Note: Only one copy is required for materials with a print run of less than 100 (including Print-on-Demand)

Ø This service is included for you and it includes free postage of the mandatory copy to the Library and Archives Canada Legal Deposit Office at:

Legal Deposit

Library and Archives Canada

395 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0N4


7. Ability to Buy Further Copies of Your Book – starting from just 1 copy!

Ø Print on demand allows you to order a book, one at a time. As an author, there is no commitment on your side to ever buy copies from us. However, if you do wish to buy further copies, they will cost you from as little as $2.99 each (Canada and US Customers) or £1.29 each (UK Customers).

8. Free Title Listing Services

Ø Free listing at Canadian Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) Program. This service allows us to display basic information for each of your titles, which is aggregated and then disseminated through our services to your customers worldwide.

Ø This automatically makes the title a part of our Fulfilment/Distribution Service. However, after the first year, there will be a fee of £10.00 digital catalogue charge that will be billed on an annual basis for each title that is part of our Fulfilment/Distribution Service. This fee is OPTIONAL and is only applicable if you wish to keep your title 'live' in our Fulfilment/Distribution System.

9. Global Distribution Channels

We will place your books into the world's most comprehensive distribution channel so your titles instantly receive extensive market exposure. Achievers Publishing Inc through Lightning Source connects you with the world's largest distribution channel of book wholesalers and retailers. In addition to distributing books through Ingram Book Company, we maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of booksellers serving consumers today.

Ø Ingram Distribution Channel

Using the distribution strength of Ingram Book Company, your book always appears in stock and available to all Ingram customers. With over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries your titles will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12 hours or less.

Ø Other Distribution Channels

Through Lightning Source, we maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of booksellers serving consumers today as is evidenced by the list below. The practices of individual wholesalers and retailers determine whether your titles show as “in stock.”

Ø Our Distribution Partners


Ø Ingram


Ø Baker & Taylor

Ø Barnes & Noble


Ø Espresso Book Machine




Ø Bertrams

Ø Blackwell

Ø Book Depository

Ø Coutts

Ø Gardners

Ø Mallory International

Ø Paperback Shop

Ø Eden Interactive Ltd.

Ø Aphrohead


This means we will provide:

Ø Internet distribution for your book whereby we will register it on websites like Amazon, so that it will be available for you or anyone to purchase via these sites.

Ø Wholesale distribution via Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Barnes & Noble (in the US); Bertrams, Gardners (in the UK); whereby your book will be available from these companies for maximum US-Canada and International distribution coverage. And your book will also be available to be purchased online and from stores.

We aim to deliver your book between 2 to 3 weeks from the time of approval of your print-ready files and payment to us, to you getting your first printed copy in your hands