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This is the compensation on sales made by us directly on your behalf through our fulfilment/distribution service (e.g. to Amazon, book retailers such as Waterstones). For us, your royalty is not based on a percentage but is more fairly based on the printing charge. Therefore, the royalty is calculated as the retail price that you choose less the distribution discount you choose less the print charge (same as cost per author copy), which is based on page count. So, this is the formula we use in calculating your royalty:

Your Royalty = Retail Price - Distribution Discount - Print Charge


Please Note:

Ø  The “Distribution Discount” is the discount you give to our distribution partners (major chain retailers and wholesalers) and it is completely up to you. You may set whatever you like. The minimum you may set through us is 25% discount, which is ample for the Internet. This discount is passed onto our distribution partners, who will then take their cut before passing the book onto the retailer who will then pass your book onto the customer. If you want your book to be widely available in bookstores up and down the county, you should offer 55% discount. It is normally far better for sales to bookstores to set a normal to high retail price and offer a high discount, than to price low and discount low.

Ø  If you wish to subsidise your work so you sell your books to the public as cheaply as possible, you can set your royalties at a zero rating. If you wish to sell your books at a loss through our fulfilment service for tactical or other reasons then please contact us first.

Ø  The “Print Charge” is the printing charge that we deduct from each sale that we make on your behalf. And it is the same as the print charge per author copy.


Retail Price (RRP) = $12.00 (let say you set it at $12.00)

Distribution Discount = 25% (let say you set a discount of 25%)

Print Charge = $3.00

Calculating the “Print Charge

For a Small Paperback (B&W) Book, we have:

Unit Cost per Book = $0.95

Print Cost per Page = $0.019


Let say your Book Page Count = 108


Applying the formula:

                        Print Charge = Book Page Count x Print Cost per Page + Unit Cost per Book

Print Charge = 108 x $0.019 + $0.95

Print Charge = $3.00


Calculating the “Distribution Discount” (25% of RRP)

                        $12.00 x 25/100 = £3.00

So, applying the formula:

            Your Royalty = Retail Price - Distribution Discount - Print Charge

            Your Royalty = $12.00 – $3.00 - $3.00

            Your Royalty per book = $6.00

This means you will receive a compensation of $6.00 on each sale - we do all the handling of orders, the postage of the books and invoicing and collecting money from the retailer on your behalf.


How Royalties Are paid

Royalties will become due to be paid to you no sooner than one quarter after the first month of sale and will be paid on a quarterly basis if less than $100 is due or on a monthly basis if $100 or more is due. Canadian customers will be paid by cheque in Canadian dollars or by PayPal. For Canadian customer’s books sold in the USA + UK, we will pay royalties in Canadian dollars after first converting the royalties from US dollars/or UK sterling at the current exchange rate. US based customers will be paid in US dollars by PayPal, and their UK/European sales will be converted to US dollars at the current exchange rate. Also, all Africa based customers will be paid in their various country currencies, and their UK/European sales will be converted to their currency at the current exchange rate. If your book status is returnable, then different terms will apply than for those books sold on a firm sale only basis.