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Note Before You Submit

Please, it is important for you to check that your book is a type of books we do accept. Though, we publish almost anything – within the boundaries similar to any other 'normal' mainstream publishing company – but, we do not publish:

  • Pornographic material - explicit/graphic sexual content
  • Occult/black magic/paranormal books
  • Racist material/extreme one sided views
  • Books with overuse or unnecessary use of swear words
  • Books with gratuitous violent content or horror
  • Anti-Christianity material – e.g. spiritual books or new age etc
  • Controversial or possibly libellous material

If you are still in doubt or unsure if your book is a type we will accept, then please email us a general description of your manuscript- i.e. a brief description of what your book is all about by stating the main storyline, general topic etc.


Ready to Submit

If you are now interested in publishing with us, then, send us your manuscript for evaluation. This is a free service and there is no commitment for you whatsoever to proceed after this if you do not wish to.


So, you can use the form below to send us your manuscript or email your manuscript as an attachment to us using


Please, your manuscript must be submitted in an approved manuscript file. See our Submission Guidelines for details.


We will normally get back to you within 3 business days of submission and we will inform you if your manuscript is suitable for our publication.


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Terms & Conditions/Publishing Agreement

Our evaluation of your manuscript does not include us checking to see if your book complies with our Terms & Conditions or our Publishing Agreement – it is up to you the author to make sure that nothing in your book contravenes with our Terms & Conditions or our Publishing Agreement. As such, API reserves the right to decline any submission that does not meet our needs.


We will only use your file (manuscript) for the purpose of free evaluation. That is, to see if your book is suitable for our publication and check if it is a type of books we do accept. Therefore, your book will be deleted from our system after we have done the evaluation.